Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sibling/Family I Remembers

I remember lining up with my sisters and neighbors on the first day of school each year. We would all take a picture on our porch before walking the four blocks of school together.


I remember watching whatever my sister waned on the TV because she was bigger and stronger than me.


I remember joking and laughing with my sisters, teasing and antagonizing each other.


I remember the first time I was allowed to ride my bike to the ice cream store without my older sister.  


I remember the chaos that was always present within the walls of our house.  The friends of my brother and sisters that sometimes seemed to pack up and move in.


I remember the dents in our doors, which were given life when I, or my brother, were fortunate enough to escape each other's fits of sibling wrath by barricading into our rooms.


I remember when Kyle had a house party and we put a hole in the wall


I remember jumping in between my brothers two identical twin beds in footie pajamas and thinking 9:00 at night was very late.


I remember going to the baseball field to watch my brother's game while my dad coached. Multiple game nights consumed the majority of my summer nights growing up. I wouldn't have it any other way.



I remember the night my father got so upset about the fighting over what television show we were going to watch that he got up, took out his trusty pocketknife from his back pocket and cut the cord in half.


I remember the crimson red walls from which hung paintings -- obsessively perfectionist architect brother. 


I remember the sound of shrieks and giggles as she lay helpless on California Shag as a brother's fingers tickle -- obsessively annoying brother.


I remember the playhouse in the backyard filled with me and my brother’s playful spirit and how we never thought we would actually grow up. 


I remember skipping school to stay home and bake cookies with my mom and little sister--for no particular reason other than that I was in first grade and sometimes even first graders need a bit of a break.


I remember building a treehouse with my brother so we could have a place all to ourselves.


I remember when my brother and his friends ‘accidently’ caught the tree line behind our house on fire. I waived down the fire truck while my dad attempted to put the fire out with a tiny, plastic bucket.


I remember happily pushing my little sister around in a shopping cart. I begged my mom for something different in every aisle. Fruit Rollups! Score.

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